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Short Course on Fundamentals of Wireless Communications Now Available in Streaming Video

San Diego, CA, June 16, 2006 -- Last week the Information Theory and Applications (ITA) Center at Calit2 hosted a short course -- seven sessions during nine hours over two days -- taught by one of the leading experts on wireless communication and information theory. UC Berkeley professor David Tse based his course on his book, "Fundamentals of Wireless Communications," co-authored with P. Viswanath and published in 2005 by Cambridge University Press.

Professor Tse's short course attracted over 220 faculty, students, and industry researchers and the talks were webcast live over the Internet. Now, all of Tse's talks are available for on-demand viewing below. To view, click on the image or video link [Real  player and broadband connection required].

David Tse 1
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications I
Friday, June 9  Part One
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 1:07:42 [video]
David Tse 2
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications II
Friday, June 9  Part Two
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 1:27:50 [video]
David Tse 3
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications III
Friday, June 9  Part Three
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 1:00:20 [video]
David Tse 4
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications IV
Friday, June 9  Part Four
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 1:35:02 [video]
David Tse 5
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications V
Saturday, June 10  Part One
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 1:00:00 [video]
David Tse 6
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications VI
Saturday, June 10  Part Two
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 38:50 [video]
David Tse 7
Fundamentals of Wireless Communications VII
Saturday, June 10  Part Three
David Tse, UC Berkeley
Length: 55:33 [video]

According to Tse, "the past decade has seen a surge of research activities in the field of wireless communications. This is due to a confluence of factors: the explosive growth in demand for tetherless connectivity, dramatic improvement in hardware implementation technology, as well as the success of 2G digital wireless standards. Emerging from this research thrust are new points of view on how to communicate effectively over wireless channels."

"New concepts such as opportunistic and MIMO (multiple antenna) communication are already having an impact on the design of next-generation wireless systems," said Tse. "The goal of this course was to study in a unified way the fundamentals of wireless communications as well as introduce the new concepts at a level accessible to the student with a basic background in probability and digital communications. The concepts are illustrated using examples from several modern wireless systems."

David Tse is a renowned communication and information theorist. He received his B.Sc. from the university of Waterloo in 1989 and M.Sc. and Ph.D. degrees from MIT. Currently he is a professor of Electrical Engineering at UC Berkeley. Among his many awards are the IEEE Communications and Information Theory Society Joint Paper Award in 2001, and the Information Theory Society Paper Award in 2003.

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