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Engineering Week at UCSD

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This video captures some of the fun and excitement of E-Week 2007 at UCSD.
San Diego, February 20 - 23, 2007:  From flying tomatoes, to undergraduate research, graduate poster competitions at Research Expo, a heavy-hitting job fair, and a semi-formal party just for students, the Jacobs School of Engineering celebrated National Engineering Week in a big way. Individual students and student organizations including the Triton Engineering Student Council were at the heart of it all -- from the games, to the research, to the work of recruiting companies to attend the job fair. 

National Engineering Week comes on the heels of a ranking published in February by Shanghai Jiao Tong University in which UCSD was ranked as the ninth best in the world for engineering, technology and computer sciences.


A sampling of engineering week at the Jacobs School is featured below.



Engineering Undergrads Cuddle Tomatoes in Search of Golden  Calculator                                                                                                                                         

 The moment of tomato truth: determining which tomatoes best fared the drop from the balloon.
Tomatoes falling from the sky. Duct-tape miracles. Paper-plate parachutes. Whipped cream in faces. A big blue balloon over Warren Mall. Is that a pair of sumo wrestler in the distance? Welcome to E-Games 2007, a day of engineering inspired competitions between a variety of UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering student organizations. E-Games, organized by the Triton Engineering Student Council, is the kick-off event for National Engineers Week at UCSD.


Jacobs School E-Games Story and Photos
More on the E-Games from This Week @ UCSD
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EUReKA Highlights Jacobs School Undergraduate Research

 The bustle of EUReKA, in the atrium of the UCSD Computer Science and Engineering building.

Who says graduate students have all the research fun? At an annual event at the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering held this Wednesday, undergraduates strutted their research stuff on topics as varied as better biodiesel generators, cartilage in the knees and wireless networks that will “think.”  Full story.





Single Photon Detector Wins UCSD Engineering Research Competition

 Hod Finkelstein
 Hod Finkelstein, Rudee Outstanding Poster Award, and Electrical and Computer Engineering Best Poster
With a flash of light, photons simultaneously fly toward the face of a person waiting to be identified for security purposes. The packets of light bounce off the face and land on a specially engineered photon sensor that clocks when each photon arrived and uses the information to reconstruct a three dimensional image of the face almost instantaneously.
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Corporate Recruiters Vie for UCSD Engineering Graduates

 Job Fair

An annual one-day, student-run recruiting fair at UC San Diego posted a 46 percent increase this year in the number of high technology companies and research institutes seeking engineering students and graduates for internships and full-time positions. Full story  
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Thisvideo of the Disciplines of Engineering Career Fair (DECaF) explains why 46 percent more recruiters attended in 2007.
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