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Computer Science Seniors Complete Networked 3D Multiplayer Computer Games

World of Absurd Heroes
Team: Erik Buchanan, Kym Dahl, Guy Danus,
Mooneer Salem, Chris Welden, Vivien Yang
Length: 16:33
Game: Icarus
Team: Harry Kim, Tame Le (Phi), Ricky Shum,
Taurin Tan-atichat, Alex Tran, Johnathan Yu
Length: 14:41
Super Hurtball
Game: Super Hurtball
Team: Alex Goldberg, Vinh Huynh, Eddie Kezeli,
Trent Kuzman, Daniel Rohrlick, Alex Zavodny 
Length: 13:22
Game: Tertisiege
Team: Jay Chan, Martin Dubcovsky,
 Ardavan Ghalebi, Tamir Husain,
 Patrick Johnson, Jerome Ko
Length: 16:22
Geoff Voelker
Speaker: Prof. Geoffrey Voelker. Length: 13:10
San Diego, CA, June 18, 2007 -- As the 2006-'07 academic year drew to a close, students enrolled in a Computer Science and Engineering course flocked to the Calit2 auditorium at UCSD to showcase and play the computer games they designed over the course of the previous ten weeks. And they did so to a packed house.

Streaming video clips of each team's presentation and game demo can be viewed by clicking on the image or game title at right [Real  player and broadband connection required].

The goal of CSE 125 is to experience the design and implementation of a large, complex software system in large groups. To make the class exciting as well as challenging, each team was charged with creating a distributed, real-time, 3D, multiplayer game of their own design.

According to CSE professor Geoffrey Voelker, emphasis is placed on the development process itself in addition to the final product. The groups decided on the features of their projects, specified any requirements, created a design and implementation schedule, implemented it, and gave the public demonstration before a packed audience at Calit2.

The final presentations and demos took place on June 8 in Atkinson Hall.

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