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UC San Diego Engineering Students 'Ring' in Another Successful Year

ring ceremony
UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering dean Frieder Seible congratulated more than 360 graduates during the recent Ring Ceremony. Photos by Jonathan Lee

San Diego, CA, July 2, 2010 -- More than 360 graduating seniors from the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering participated in the annual Ring Ceremony on June 12. In its fifth year, the event drew 2,100 attendees, who witnessed the graduating engineers receive their engraved silver rings, which will be worn as a symbol of their commitment to uphold the following oath:

“As a graduate of the Jacobs School of Engineering, I pledge to use my knowledge for the public good, to innovate for the advancement of humanity, and to be accountable to future generations. As a member of the engineering community, I dedicate myself to lifelong learning and to the growth of my field. I promise to always conduct myself with honor and to uphold the strong ethical values instilled in me by the Jacobs School. I accept this ring as a symbol of this oath.”

During the Ring Ceremony, Jacobs School dean Frieder Seible announced the following student Department Awards for Excellence in Leadership and Service:

*Bioengineering – Christopher Lau

*Computer Science and Engineering – Stephan Kemper

*Electrical and Computer Engineering –  Jordan Rhee

*Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering – Chantelle Domingue

*Nanoengineering – Henry Yan

*Structural Engineering –  Jose Aceituno


sara ceremony
Jacobs School of Engineering graduate and former Triton Engineering Student Council president Sara Richardson receives the Undergraduate Leadership  Award.
Jacobs School Undergraduate Student Leadership Awards were presented to Sara Richardson and Zachary Campbell Salin.

“This award is the most prestigious honor that can be bestowed on our graduating seniors,” Seible said. “The Undergraduate Student Leadership Award is given to exceptional leaders who have made a major contribution in support of the Jacobs School community and vision.”

Richardson served on the Triton Engineering Student Council (TESC) since her sophomore year, holding various leadership positions, including TESC president from 2008-2009. Over the past four years she has been a part of the Jacobs School Scholars Program, the school’s most prestigious scholarship program. Richardson plans to continue her studies at UC San Diego by earning her MBA from the Rady School of Management.

Salin made his mark on the Jacobs School through his involvement with the Global Teams in Engineering  Service (TIES) program. He served as president of the Global TIES Ambassador Corps and as an undergraduate co-advisor of two of the program’s project teams.  TIES is an innovative academic program that offers partnerships between engineering students and non-profit organizations in the local community leading them to identify, address and solve engineering problems. Salin also served as chapter vice president for external affairs for Triangle, the national academic and social fraternity for architects, engineers, and scientists.

“At a recent celebration of the Global TIES program, when Zachary rose to the podium to give his remarks, he asked the simple but profound question that we hope all our students contemplate as they pursue their education and careers –  ‘What does it mean to be an engineer?’,” Seible said. “For Zachary Campbell Salin, it means building a better world.”

ring news
From L to R David Hayhurst, dean of the College of Engineering at San Diego State University; Jack Ly, president of the Jacobs School Trtion Engineering Student Council; Jose Aceituno , president of UCSD Society of Civil and Structural Engineers; Greg Papadopoulos, Ring Ceremony keynote speaker; and Frieder Seible, dean of the UCSD Jacobs School of Engineering.  

Jacobs School Structural Engineering professor Chia-Ming Uang is helping to not only build a better world but also better students. During the ceremony, Uang was honored with the Outstanding Teacher of the Year Award.  The following is a quote from one of the students who nominated Uang for the award:   “He gives the clearest most concise and informative lectures, then requires students to use this knowledge in ways that require critical thinking, which further enhances the learning process.”




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