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Press Clips

Wearable Ultrasound Patch Images the Heart in Real-Time
IEEE Spectrum | January 26, 2023

A wearable ultrasound imager for the heart that is roughly the size of a postage stamp, can be worn for up to 24 hours, and works even during exercise...

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Those UV lamps nail salons use? Researchers say they can permanently change your DNA
USA Today | January 26, 2023

Researchers at the University of California San Diego wanted to better understand how the nail dryers and the radiation they emit impact the body, so ...

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Skin patch makes ultrasound images of your heart as you move
New Scientist | January 25, 2023

A prototype skin patch produced images that were comparable to those of a standard handheld device used to visualise the heart before and after exerci...

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Stamp-sized wearable heart monitor can take medical images without going to a hospital
Study Finds | January 25, 2023

A new wearable heart monitor can provide doctors with images of the organ as people go about their daily routine. The postage stamp-sized device can s...

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Non-invasive wearable ultrasound sensor shown to provide mobile cardiac imaging
Cardiovascular News | January 25, 2023

A group of engineers and physicians have created a wearable ultrasonic device that is able to provide continuous, real-time cardiac function assessmen...

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UV Light From Nail Dryers May Damage DNA, Study Suggests
Healthnews | January 24, 2023

A study indicates that exposure to UV light from nail dryers used for gel manicures causes cell death and DNA mutations similar to those observed in s...

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San Diego company?s test to detect pancreatic cancer in early stages moves to human trials
San Diego Union-Tribune | January 24, 2023

For more than a decade, Biological Dynamics has been working on technology licensed out of UC San Diego to enable early detection of diseases ranging ...

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These dermatologists say they don't get gel manicures as research hints UV nail dryers may damage DNA
NBC News | January 23, 2023

A recent study found that radiation from UV nail dryers can damage DNA and cause mutations in human cells ? which in turn is linked to a risk of cance...

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New tech gives hope for a million people with epilepsy
NPR Shortwave | January 20, 2023

NPR Shortwave discusses new ways to treat severe epilepsy, including research into diagnosing and treating the disorder at UC San Diego...

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How UV-lighted gel manicure could be harmful for health
CBS New York | January 20, 2023

CBS News explains how UV-lighted gel manicures could lead to health problems....

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UV dryers for gel nails can harm DNA, study says. Should I use them?
Washington Post | January 20, 2023

Exposure to ultraviolet radiation is known to cause skin damage, including skin cancer. Now, new research has raised questions about the safety of nai...

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Are gel manicures safe? What to know about skin cancer risk to hands and nails
Today | January 19, 2023

A new study, published in Nature Communications on Jan. 17, 2023, is adding to these concerns because it found radiation emitted by UV-nail polish dry...

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