COVID-19 Updates

Information is available for the campus community on the Return to Learn website. Please get vaccinated and stay up to date with County and State guidelines as well as CDC recommendations.

Industry Collaboration in Research

The Jacobs School proactively seeks corporate partners to collaborate with us in education and innovation. More than 150 companies are involved in our Corporate Affiliates Program, research centers and sponsored research projects.

Our Institute for the Global Entrepreneur partners with the venture community and innovative technology companies to accelerate commercialization of Jacobs School discoveries.

Companies interested in igniting a research partnership with the Jacobs School can contact Corporate Affiliates Program Director Cody Noghera at (858) 598-3010,

Sponsored Research and Consulting
Companies can sponsor research projects carried out by Jacobs School faculty and students, or industry can work with faculty on joint proposals funded by federal and state agencies. Faculty members are also available, on their own time, to serve as professional consultants to corporations.

Once you've made an agreement with your faculty partner on the scope of the project, the goals and budget, the faculty member will work with his/her department's business office to negotiate details of the research agreement.More information on research agreements »

Research Centers and Institutes
The Jacobs School 's affiliated research institutes and centers are on the leading edge of tomorrow's technological revolutions. Our institutes place a high priority on collaboration, technology transfer, and educational opportunities that prepare our graduates to meet industrial human resources needs. Learn More »

Engineering Leadership
The Jacobs School Bernard and Sophia Gordon Engineering Leadership Center offers undergraduate, graduate students, and professionals, a unique opportunity to become highly skilled in engineering leadership and innovation through participation in its competitively selected program. More Details »