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Jan Talbot

Professor Emeritus, NENG

Electrodeposition, information display screening technology, chemical mechanical polishing, solid state lighting materials,  electrochemical transport phenomena 

Professor Talbot's current research areas include electrophoretic deposition of phosphors and nanosized materials, chemical mechanical polishing, and thermochemical hydrogen production. Talbot is particularly interested in synthesis  and deposition of phosphors for solid state lighting. She also studies electrodeposition of nanocomposite films. 

Capsule Bio:

Jan Talbot joined the UCSD faculty in 1986 after receiving her Ph.D. in chemical engineering and materials science that same year from the University of Minnesota. In 2001-02, she was president of the 8,000-member Electrochemical Society, and previously served as editor of the society's Interface publication. She is a Fellow of the Electrochemical Society.  She was the Chair of the UCSD Academic Senate in 2003-04.  Talbot is the Director of the Jacobs School's Chemical Engineering Program. From 1975-81, she worked as a development engineer at Oak Ridge National Laboratory (TN).

Selected Publications:


Electrodeposition of Nanocomposites:

  • D. Thiemig, J. B. Talbot and A. Bund, “Electrocodeposition of Nickel Nanocomposites using an Impinging Jet Electrode", Journal of The Electrochemical Society, 154 (10), D510-515, 2007.
  • Sana Sirajuddin and Jan B. Talbot, “The effect of nanoparticles on mass transfer for an impinging jet electrode,” J. Electrochemical Society, 158 (9) D557-D560 (2011).


  • J.B. Talbot, “Fundamentals and Applications of Electrophoretic Deposition”, Abstract No. 2764, The Electrochemical Society Meeting, Vienna, Austria (Oct. 2009), ECS Transactions, 25 (27), 97 (2010).
  • J. I. Choi, E. Sluzky, M. Anc, A. Piquette, M. E. Hannah, K.C. Mishra, J. McKittrick and J. B. Talbot, “EPD of Phosphors for Display and Solid State Lighting Technologies,” Key Engineering Materials, Vol. 507, pp 149-153 (2012).

Chemical Mechanical Planarization (CMP):

  • N. Brahma, M.C. Chan, and J.B. Talbot, “Effect of Copper CMP Slurry Chemistry on the Rate of Agglomeration of Alumina Particles”, Abstract No. 732, The Electrochemical Society Meeting, San Francisco (Oct. 2009), ECS Transactions, 19 (7), 25-30 (2009).
  • N. Brahma and J.B. Talbot, “Effects of CMP Slurry Additives on the Rate of Agglomeration of Alumina Particles,” Chemical Mechanical Polishing 11, The Electrochemical Society Meeting, Las Vegas (Oct. 2010). ECS Transactions, 33 (10), 53 (2010).

Solid State Lighting Materials:

  • J. K. Han, J. B. Talbot and J. McKittrick, “Synthesis and photoluminescence properties of Y2O3:Eu3+/SiO2 core/shell phosphor nanoparticles”, Abstract No. 1110, The Electrochemical Society Meeting, Vancouver, Canada (May 2010). ECS Transactions, 28 (3), 183 (2010).
  • J.H. Tao, J. McKittrick, J.B. Talbot, and K. Mishra, Dy3+ Emission from GaAlN Powder and Radio-Frequency Sputtered Thin Film, Abstract No. 1160, The Electrochemical Society Meeting, Vancouver, Canada (May 2010), ECS Transactions, 28 (4), 169 (2010).
  • J. K. Han, M. E. Hannah, A. Piquette, G. A. Hirata, J. B. Talbot, K. C. Mishra, and J. McKittrick, “Preparation and luminescence characterization of green-yellow emitting Sr2SiO4:Eu2+ phosphors for near UV LEDs,” Journal of Luminescence, 132, 106 (2012).

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California Institute for Telecommunications and Information Technology