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Faculty Profiles

Photo of Anthony Acampora
Acampora, Anthony
Prof Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Telecommunication, network systems design, wireless networks, wireless technologies.
Photo of Brian Aguado
Aguado, Brian
Faculty, Bioengineering
Biomaterials, tissue engineering, precision medicine, sex differences, cardiovascular disease, immunoengineering
Photo of Ludmil Alexandrov
Alexandrov, Ludmil
Associate Professor, Bioengineering
Computational Biology; Cancer Genomics; Mutagenesis; Ageing; Bioinformatics
Photo of Adah Almutairi
Nanomedicine, nanotechnology, chemistry and polymer science
Photo of Christine Alvarado
Alvarado, Christine
Associate Dean of the Division of Undergraduate Education, UC San Diego
Paul R. Kube Endowed Chair of Computer Science
Lecturer SOE, Computer Science & Engineering
Curriculum and program design for computer science education, with a focus on better serving underrepresented groups.
Photo of Mark Anderson
Anderson, Mark
Assoc Teaching Prof, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Expertise in vehicle design, navigation, and control.
Photo of Nicholas Antipa
Antipa, Nicholas
Faculty, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Co-design of optical systems and algorithms; computational optical systems
Photo of Alexey Arefiev
Arefiev, Alexey
Asst Professor, Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering
Computational and theoretical plasma physics with the focus on high-intensity laser-plasma interactions, high energy density physics, and kinetic plasma phenomena; Numerical algorithms for kinetic plasma simulations.
Photo of Gustaf O.S. Arrhenius
Arrhenius, Gustaf
Faculty-Affiliate, Electrical and Computer Engineering
Astrobiology, origin of life, organic chemistry, geochemistry, cosmochemistry, exobiology and mineralogy.
Photo of Robert J. Asaro
Asaro, Robert
Professor, Structural Engineering
Composite design and manufacturing technologies for large scale structures and marine applications as well as the deformation, fracture and fatigue of high temperature intermetallics.

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