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Nuno Vasconcelos

Professor, ECE

Statistical signal processing, computer vision, machine learning, multimedia

Professor Vasconcelos' research interests are at the intersection of computer vision, and machine learning. The main goal is to provide computers with the ability to perceive complex visual scenes and make inferences from them. Main topics of research include the computational modeling of biological vision systems; object recognition and tracking; action recognition; surveillance of crowded environments; multimedia search, classification, and retrieval; medical imaging; and the design of machine learning algorithms. Possible applications include non-text extensions to current web search engines; devices for personalized access to large video repositories (e.g. movie or newscast databases); advanced surveillance systems; data mining; automated clinical diagnosis systems; etc.

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Nuno Vasconcelos received his Ph.D. in electrical and computer engineering from M.I.T. in 2000. He obtained a bachelor's degree in electrical and computer engineering from the Universidade do Porto, Portugal in 1988. Prior to coming to UCSD, Vasconcelos was a researcher at Compaq Computer Corporation Cambridge Research Laboratory. From 1991 to 2000, he was a research assistant at M.I.T.'s Media Labratory where he worked on such things as image compression, pattern recognition, and computer vision. And from 1988 to 1991, he was a researcher at the Instituto do Engenharia de Sistemas e Computadores in Portugal.

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