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Boubacar Kante

Assoc Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Experimental and Theoretical Electromagnetic Materials from Microwaves to Optics for Novel Devices with Applications in Energy, Defense, and Health Systems.

Professor Kanté’s multidisciplinary research interests are in the areas of wave-matter interaction, from microwave to optics and related fields such as nanophotonics, nanoscale photon management, and biophysics.

Grounded on the fundamental physical principles, and, the on-demand dimensionality of materials and nanomaterials, his research addresses tantalizing experimental and theoretical physical questions in the field of nano-optics and intelligent nano-materials to address global energy, defense, and health questions. He is particularly interested in the theoretical modeling, fabrication and characterization of metamaterials for application in information science. Kante’s recent research has focused on artificial electromagnetic composites -- metamaterials. He demonstrated the first non-magnetic metamaterial invisibility cloak, introduced the notion of index for a meta-surface, and, the notion of symmetry/parity of ring resonators. Prof. Kante also demonstrated, from symmetry consideration, that closed rings, previously believed incapable of producing artificial magnetism, can make ultra-broadband negative index.

At UC San Diego, Prof. Kante will be investigating possibilities to control linear and non-linear responses from man-made materials from microwave to optics, for new devices, in particular for health science. His lab webpage is: http://kante.ucsd.edu/

Capsule Bio:

Boubacar Kante is an assistant professor of Electrical and Computer Engineering and a Qualcomm faculty scholar at the University of California San Diego (UCSD). His research is dedicated to unraveling and exploiting the possibilities of using electromagnetic wave to achieve novel functions and devices in fields ranging from global energy, defense, and medicine. Kante received his Ph.D in Physics from “Universite Paris Sud” (Orsay-France) and was subsequently postdoctoral researcher at the University of California Berkeley from 2010 to 2013.


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