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Antonio Sanchez

Professor, MAE

Reacting and nonreacting flows

Prof. Sanchez’s research falls within the general field of chemically reacting flows, including research topics related to clean combustion technologies, aerospace propulsion devices, and safety hazards in the built environment. He is interested in fundamental problems that involve the interplay of fluid mechanics, transport processes, and chemical reactions, in particular those emerging in practical combustion systems. His research approach takes advantage of the disparity of the length and time scales encountered in these complex problems to simplify the solutions, often by application of asymptotic methods that help to identify simpler sub-problems and serve to extract the fundamental underlying physics. His work has covered a large number of different combustion and fluid-mechanical problems, including a wide range of reactive phenomena of technological importance such as spontaneous and forced ignition, deflagrations, detonations, diffusion flames, partially premixed combustion, and spray combustion.

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Antonio L. Sánchez is a UC San Diego alumnus, having received his Ph.D. in Engineering Physics from the Department of Applied Mechanics and Engineering Sciences (now mechanical and aerospace engineering) in 1995. Before joining the Jacobs School of Engineering, he served as professor in the Department of Thermal and Fluid Sciences at the Universidad Carlos III in Madrid, Spain.

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