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Jesse Jokerst

Professor, NENG

Molecular Imaging, in vitro Diagnostics, ultrasound and photoacoustic imaging, regenerative medicine, cancer detection, tumor resection. 

Professor Jokerst’s research interests lie in the field of molecular imaging with an emphasis on the use of nanoparticle contrast agents to improve the amount of signal and type of signal collected from living subjects. He is particularly interested in ultrasound imaging because of its high temporal and spatial resolution. To increase contrast, Jokerst uses photoacoustic imaging, which is a “light in/sound out” approach rather than the “sound in/sound out” of traditional ultrasound. Jokerst’s group has used photoacoustic imaging for a variety of applications including tracking and quantifying stem cells, measuring actinides, and imaging tumors in vivo.

Capsule Bio:

Jesse V. Jokerst is a Professor in the Departments of Nano and Chemical Engineering and Radiology (by courtesy) at the University of California San Diego. Dr. Jokerst graduated cum laude from Truman State University in 2003 with a B.S. in Chemistry and then completed a Ph.D. in Chemistry at The University of Texas at Austin in 2009. Dr. Jokerst was a postdoctoral fellow at Stanford Radiology from 2009-2013 before being an instructor in that same department from 2013-2015.

Dr. Jokerst started his independent lab at UC San Diego in July of 2015, and he has received the NIH K99/R00 Pathway to Independence Award, the NIH New Innovator Award, the NSF CAREER Award, and Stanford MIPS Alumni of the Year Award. He has been the PI of 15+ federal grants and has published over 150 manuscripts. He is an Associate Editor at ACS Applied Materials and Interfaces and also serves as the founding advisor of UC San Diego's chapter of oSTEM—a national society dedicated to educating and fostering leadership for LGBT+ communities in the STEM fields.

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Jesse Jokerst


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