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Nicholas Antipa

Assistant Professor, ECE

Co-design of optical systems and algorithms; computational optical systems

Antipa’s research is focused on the co-design of optical systems and algorithms. By considering both the hardware and digital domains, new computational optical systems emerge that extend capability beyond what is available with conventional approaches. His research aim is to develop design frameworks that merge optical models with state-of- the-art algorithms, allowing joint optimization of both components. This will enable development of cutting-edge imaging and display systems that combine the best of exciting new technology in optical 3D printing, sensors, signal processing, machine learning, and AI. A core focus in this area is on single-shot capture of high dimensional optical signals using designed and pseudorandom phase optics (i.e. diffusers) in place of conventional lenses.

Capsule Bio:

Nick Antipa joined the Electrical and Computer Engineering department at UC San Diego in 2020 after  earning his PhD in Computational Imaging at UC Berkeley. Prior to his doctoral work, he spent five years working on optical design and metrology for the National Ignition Facility at Lawrence Livermore National Lab. He holds a MS in Optics from the University of Rochester Institute of Optics, and BS in Optical Science and Engineering from UC Davis.

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