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Kevin B. B. Quest

Faculty-Emeritus, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Collisionless shock structure, magnetic reconnection, and plasma waves and instabilities

Professor Quest's research interests include theoretical space plasma physics and numerical methods, as well as the development and use of large-scale numerical simulation codes that assist in the study of the complex nonlinear behavior of space plasmas. His publications include a study of "Microphysics of the Venusian and Martian mantles," and a report on "Interaction of the Solar Wind with Unmagnetized Planets: Two-Dimensional Particle Simulations." In Spring 2002, Quest taught ECE's Introduction to Electrical and Computer Engineering.

Capsule Bio:
Kevin B. Quest joined the UCSD faculty in 1988. He currently is the vice chair of ECE, where he leads the Space Plasma Group. From 1981-88, Quest was a staff member of the laser fusion group at Los Alamos National Laboratory. Among his honors and distinctions, Quest is a Fellow of the American Geophysical Union (AGU), and was awarded the union's James B. Macelwane Medal in 1988. He earned his Ph.D. in space physics from UCLA in 1981.


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