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Vitali Nesterenko

Professor Emeritus, MAE

Strongly nonlinear wave dynamics of strongly nonlinear low dimensional metamaterials. Development of new experimental capabilities for dynamic testing. Physics and mechanics of shock and high strain, strain rate deformation, instability and fragmentation of heterogeneous solid materials. High energy processing of advanced materials and devices.

Professor Nesterenko's research interests include strongly nonlinear wave dynamics of low dimensional metamaterials (particulate and discrete systems with strongly nonlinear interaction).  He pioneered the concept of “sonic vacuum” and theoretically and experimentally discovered a new strongly nonlinear solitary wave. His research interests also include micromechanics of powder deformation under dynamic and quasi-static loading; shear instability and fragmentation of heterogeneous materials in dynamic conditions; shear induced chemical reactions in condensed materials; shock/blast mitigation; mechanics of densification and sintering of pressure assisted advanced ceramics and alloys. Nesterenko has successfully processed and tested a new high-gradient heterogeneous material based on Ti alloy for ballistic applications. The material may also find applications for biomaterials, such as artificial hips. He and his co-authors developed high pressure processing method for bulk magnesium diboride and solenoids with best critical current suitable for size scaling and complex shapes. Recently reactive materials based on Al-W system were successfully processed and tested.

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Vitali F. Nesterenko received his Ph.D. in 1975 and Doctor in Physics and Mathematics in 1989 from Russian Academy of Sciences (RAS), Novosibirsk. He held positions of Head of Research Department in Special Design Office of High-Rate Hydrodynamics (RAS, Novosibirsk, 1978-1989), Head of Laboratory of Advanced Materials, Lavrentyev Institute of Hydrodynamics (RAS) and Chair of Department “Physics of Continua” at Novosibirsk State University (1990-1994). He joined UCSD in 1994 as visiting Research Scientist and in 1996 as faculty. He is the author of the book "High-Rate Deformation of Heterogeneous Materials" published by Springer Verlag, NY.

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