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UC San Diego Wireless Expert Named IEEE Fellow
December 12, 2007

An interview with Pamela Cosman, an electrical engineering professor from UCSD’s Jacobs S...

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Jacobs School Undergrads Shine at Conference for the Advancement of Chicanos and Native Americans in Science
December 12, 2007

 Jacobs School undergraduates Jorge Ortiz and Robert Valtierra took home awards for their resea...

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Two ECE Profs, Two Spin-Outs, Two Product-Award Nominations
December 7, 2007

 Products from two different companies spun out by electrical engineers at UC San Diego are fin...

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A Unique Way To Lower Energy Costs
December 5, 2007

UC San Diego undergraduate students have designed, built and deployed a network of five weather-moni...

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Flip-Flopping Gene Expression Can Be Advantageous
November 21, 2007

One gene for pea pod color generates green pods while a variant of that gene gives rise to the yello...

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Renewable Plastics, Poster Initiative and E. coli: UCSD Bioengineering Grad Student Wins Leadership Award
November 9, 2007

 The plastic containers Adam Feist uses to carry his lunch to his UC San Diego lab are petroleu...

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UCSD Engineering Honor Society Wins Most Outstanding Chapter Award
November 7, 2007

Flip through the 133 page record of the 2006-2007 activities of UCSD’s engineering honor socie...

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Most Complex Silicon Phased Array Chip in the World Developed at UC San Diego
October 30, 2007

  UC San Diego electrical engineers have developed the world’s most complex “pha...

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Undergrads Dream with QUALCOMM Chips
October 18, 2007

 The biggest challenge for one of the four winners of last weekend's QUALCOMM Innovator Challen...

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UCSD Researchers Give Computers Common Sense
October 17, 2007

Using a little-known Google Labs widget, computer scientists from UC San Diego and UCLA have brought...

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Will Breast Cancer Spread? UCSD Bioengineers Answer
October 16, 2007

  One of the many unknowns facing women who are diagnosed with breast cancer is the likeliho...

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In Human Grid, We are the Cogs
October 15, 2007

In a position paper presented at Interactive Computer Vision (ICV) 2007 on October 15 in Rio de...

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