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Research Expo enters its 4th decade

April 1, 2022-- Connected systems take center stage at the UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering’s 40th annual Research Expo on Thursday, April 14, 2022. Join us to hear from more than 100 graduate students from all six Jacobs School of Engineering departments, as they present their groundbreaking engineering and computer science research.

In addition to seeing what technologies are in development by graduate students at our Top 10 engineering school, Research Expo features faculty lightning talks, this year centered on connected systems: from computational modeling for systems medicine, to sustainable supply chain systems to wireless and materials systems.

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Faculty Lightning Talks

Padmini Rangamani

Mechanical and aerospace engineering Professor Padmini Rangamani will share her lab’s work on Computational Modeling for Systems Medicine and Human Health. Rangamani's research is focused on understanding the design principles of biological systems. Her long-term research goal is  to understand the  control of  cell shape  by  analyzing biological membranes and their interaction with proteins and the cytoskeleton using principles from transport phenomena. This is a unifying framework that brings together mechanics of the membrane, membrane-bound proteins, and their coupled interactions. Rangamani is part of the Wu Tsai Human Performance Alliance at UC San Diego, aiming to transform human health on a global scale through the discovery and translation of the biological principles underlying human performance.


John Wade

John Wade, a professor of practice in the Department of Mechanical and Aerospace Engineering, is working to ensure that the research conducted and the curriculum developed in systems engineering has the greatest impact on addressing the critical challenges that face our global society and nation. He leads research in the area of complex, evolving systems engineering methods, processes, tools, and education. He will speak about Ethical Sustainability in the realm of systems and supply chain.



Sujit Dey

Electrical engineering Professor Sujit Dey directs the UC San Diego Center for Wireless Communications, and is faculty director of the Institute for the Global Entrepreneur. His recent work includes using wireless wearable systems to provide personalized healthcare recommendations to patients, and a DARPA program to increase the security of our nation’s semiconductor supply chain that wireless communications depend upon.



Andrea Tao

Nanoengineering Professor Andrea Tao co-leads the Predictive Assembly thrust of the UC San Diego Materials Research Science and Center (MRSEC) funded by the NSF. The Predictive Assembly research team is working to bring the computational and predictive tools that the pharmaceutical industry has used successfully to design "small molecule" drugs with particular properties and behaviors into the realm of materials science. Tao, who is also a member of the Sustainable Power and Energy Center, also applies her nanoscale assembly skills to materials development for waste-free batteries. She will talk about Multiscale Materials Design.




An array of brain sensors that can record electrical signals directly from the surface of the human brain in record-breaking detail. 

Curious what’s depicted in this year’s Research Expo image? It’s a close-up shot of an array of brain sensors that can record electrical signals directly from the surface of the human brain in record-breaking detail. The new brain sensors feature densely packed grids of either 1,024 or 2,048 embedded electrocorticography (ECoG) sensors. These thin, pliable grids of ECoG sensors, if approved for clinical use, would offer neurosurgeons brain-signal information directly from the surface of the brain's cortex in 100 times higher resolution than what is available today. The work was led by electrical engineering Professor Shadi Dayeh. 


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