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Noah Rubin

Assistant Professor, Electrical and Computer Engineering

Applied optics and photonics, diffractive optics, and nanophotonics

Rubin’s past research has centered on the role of light’s polarization state in diffractive optics. He introduced systematic approaches for treating and designing polarization-sensitive diffractive elements which have generalized past work in this area and have yielded new optical elements which may be of practical interest in environmental and astrophysical remote sensing. At UC San Diego, Rubin hopes to investigate new ways of controlling light with a special interest in optical polarization, from the most fundamental considerations at the wavelength-scale to practical systems design for real-world application in information processing, imaging, and sensing.

Capsule Bio:

Noah Rubin will join the Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering at UC San Diego as an Assistant Professor in Spring, 2024. He received a Ph.D. in Applied Physics from Harvard University in 2020 and a BA in Physics from the University of Pennsylvania in 2015. Since 2020, he has been a Research Associate in Applied Physics at Harvard University. In his Ph.D. and postdoctoral work, he has studied new devices for controlling polarized light enabled by subwavelength diffractive optics (metasurfaces). This work has led to a consumer product currently being pursued by the Boston-based firm Metalenz, Inc. and may hold promise for improved polarization-sensitive instrumentation of scientific interest to NASA.

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