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What we mean

First and foremost, it's about our dedication to education, research and transfer of innovation to society. Engineering and computer science for the public good is what we do. It's who we are. 

Every day, we challenge our students to combine theory and practice for maximum positive impact inside and outside the classroom. We empower our entire community to understand the big-picture "Why" and to discover how their skills and expertise contribute to real-world solutions for society. 

This integrated focus on technical excellence and relevance allows us to train the diverse innovation workforce this nation so desperately needs. [More info: prospective undergraduates, prospective MS students, prospective PhD students.]


Diversity is essential for innovation. It's critical that every single student, staff and faculty member in the Jacobs School community feels at home and is empowered to do the creative and innovative technical work they are so capable of. In this sense, we are making our community's bold dreams possible. Meet the Jacobs School Racial Equity Fellows for 2021, and 2020.

At the Jacobs School, we are engaged in both fundamental and applied research. Our world-class engineers and computer scientists create new knowledge, new cures and new solutions to pressing challenges. At the same time, we make behind-the-scenes technical  advances that empower others to do the same. 

World Class

Our research is fueled by our $218M in funding in the 2020-2021 fiscal year. This is part of UC San Diego's incredible $1.54B research enterprise. View our Jacobs School snapshot (PDF).

In March 2022, we ranked in the top 10 for the third year in a row in the closely watched U.S. News & World Report Best Engineering Schools rankings. This is up from #17 in 2016. (See all rankings here.) While rankings are an imperfect metric, this rise in the rankings mirrors the increasing momentum and strength of the Jacobs School. Increasing momentum and strength in our education programs; our research enterprise; our partnerships with industry, academic and government labs; and our innovation ecosystems overall. 

In 2022, we opened Franklin Antonio Hall which serves as an incredible machine for education, research, and industry partnerships at the Jacobs School of Engineering and all across UC San Diego. We are working hard to ensure the innovation ecosystems we build in Franklin Antonio Hall serve as a bold new model for innovation for the nation and beyond

Engage with us

Whether you are a prospective or current student, faculty or staff member; a member of our alumni community; part of a company or other institution interested in collaboration; or a curious member of the general public; I hope you find the information and engineering and computer connections you are seeking. 

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Albert ("Al") P. Pisano
Dean, UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering

Updated: July 7, 2022