When the ecosystem engages

Last week, at our Corporate Affiliates Program (CAP) board meeting, we talked about developing talent and ensuring that ALL our Jacobs School of Engineering students have what they need to succeed. Industry and government partners  came to me at our CAP Board asking how we can function as a unified team to support development of an innovation workforce that fully reflects society. I sat back and thought, wow, everyone here is fully engaged and working together.

Those are golden moments for me as a dean. It's not when the final goal has been achieved, but when the machinery engages, when the ecosystem engages, and I feel that we have a shared line of sight to the goal. Our student diversity and equity metrics can and will improve. I'm never satisfied with the rate of improvement, but it's a good feeling to have industry and government partners leaning in to engage with us in this work. With this kind of partnership, we know we can succeed. 

We have incredibly talented and motivated people all across the Jacobs School working on the myriad issues at play when it comes to diversifying our student body, and crucially, supporting all our students academically and personally. 

We are a big school with incredible, diverse talent. When it comes to fully engaging, mentoring and empowering our students, there is still plenty of opportunity. Ensuring tomorrow's innovation workforce reflects the diversity of our society is a concrete way that we can work together to leverage engineering and computer science for the good of society. I encourage you to get involved with us in this critical work. As our current partners know, we know how to listen, and we know how to take action. They are confident in their investment in us.  

If you are in industry, government, the NGO world, or any other sector and are looking to engage in terms of helping us develop that brilliant, diverse student talent, a great place to start is our team in the Corporate Affiliates Program. They can connect you with the right people anywhere in the Jacobs School.

As always, I can be reached at DeanPisano@eng.ucsd.edu



Albert ("Al") P. Pisano, Dean
UC San Diego Jacobs School of Engineering