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Richard Herz

Professor Emeritus, NENG

dynamics of diffusion, adsorption and reaction in porous solid media including heterogeneous catalysts. He also simulates and analyzes processes for conversion of biomass to power and fuels.

Professor Herz uses a small reactor to study how a solid (e.g. platinum) accelerates the reaction between a stream of oxygen and another substance such as carbon monoxide under dynamic conditions. The reactor provides data about the stream before and after it comes in contact with the porous solid, as well as when it is actually adsorbed within the solid. The results are used to create models and make predictions, and have implications for emission controls and pollution reduction. Herz has also created a suite of educational software to provide students with access to "virtual" chemical engineering experiments. The software is currently used in 82 countries and has been translated into several languages. Herz has also used his expertise in chemical engineering to discover more efficient ways to produce effective pharmaceuticals.

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Richard Herz received his Ph.D. in chemical engineering from UC Berkeley in 1977. He did his undergraduate work at the University of Denver. Herz has produced a software suite (now used in 82 countries) consisting of an interactive reactor lab in which students can conduct a number of virtual, pseudo-experiments. Herz is currently developing an Internet-deliverable version.

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