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UCSD Bioengineering Professor Elected to National Academy of Engineering
February 10, 2006

Bernhard O. Palsson, a professor of bioengineering and adjunct professor of medicine at the Universi...

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Decoding Da Vinci, UCSD Alumnus Shows Stunning Discoveries
February 5, 2006

To a packed audience at Calit2, UCSD bioengineering alumnus Maurizio Seracini unveiled drawings by L...

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Leading Scientists Help Guide New Nationwide Networking Infrastructure
February 1, 2006

Two of the eight experts appointed to a new Science Research Council for optical networking have app...

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Lights, Cameras, Engineering: Jacobs School Students Dive into Reality TV
February 1, 2006

Rita Finones and six other UCSD engineering students and one alumnus are appearing...

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CNS Research Review Talks Now Available for On-Demand Viewing
January 28, 2006

UCSD's Center for Networked Systems, in collaboration with Calit2, held its half-yearly Research Rev...

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UCSD, Calit2 Researchers Develop Better Power Amplifiers, RF Circuits for Wireless
January 25, 2006

Three staff researchers of Calit2 at UCSD and five affiliated engineering faculty, along with m...

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Patterns in Genome Organization May Partially Explain How Microbial Cells Work
January 24, 2006

The location of a piece of real estate may be its most important feature to many Realtors, and bioen...

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Engineers Announce Results of Second Northridge Shake of 7-Story Building
January 20, 2006

UCSD structural engineers announced that the most violent earthquake shake of a seven-story structur...

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UCSD Partners with Venter Institute to Build Community Cyberinfrastructure for Advanced Marine Microbial Ecology Research and Analysis
January 17, 2006

The Gordon and Betty Moore Foundation has awarded $24.5 million over seven years to a consortium led...

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Cymer Pledges $175,000 in Scholarships for Jacobs School
January 10, 2006

Cymer, Inc., awards $175,000 to the Jacobs School of Engineering Scholars Program. ...

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ECE Adjunct Professor Opens Neuroscience Lab in Calit2
January 4, 2006

Professor Robert Hecht-Nielsen has established a neuroscience lab in Calit2 to explore and expand on...

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