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NIH Awards $38 Million Grant Renewal to UC San Diego For Lipid Mapping Project
October 13, 2008

  Shankar Subramaniam, professor and chair of the bioengineering department, is part of...

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Ripple Effect: Water Snails Offer New Propulsion Possibilities
October 8, 2008

A UC San Diego engineer has revealed a new mode of propulsion based on how water snails create rippl...

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Bioengineers Fill Holes in Science of Cellular Self-Organization
October 7, 2008

  Bioengineers and physicists at UC San Diego provide new insights into how cell populations...

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NSF Awards $12 Million to UC San Diego Science of Learning Center for Three More Years of Innovation
October 3, 2008

UCSD's Temporal Dynamics of Learning Center, founded in 2006, has just been awarded an add...

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Structural Engineers and Computer Scientists Hope to Integrate Disciplines to 'Revolutionize Building Construction'
October 2, 2008

A  group of UC San Diego engineers and computer scientists, together with their counterparts at...

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UC San Diego Contributes $7.2 Billion to California Economy
October 1, 2008

Jacobs School of Engineering faculty and alumni have played an important role in UC San Diego's...

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Andrew Viterbi, Wireless Pioneer and UC San Diego Professor Emeritus, Wins National Medal of Science
October 1, 2008

  This week, wireless pioneer and UC San Diego professor emeritus Andrew Viterbi received a ...

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Free Software Helps You Track Your Laptop If Stolen or Lost
September 30, 2008

  Researchers at the University of Washington and the University of California, San Diego ha...

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Generation Innovation: UC San Diego Researchers Win $3M in NIH New Innovator Awards
September 22, 2008

  At 30, Karen Christman, an assistant bioengineering professor at the UC San Diego Jaco...

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MAE Undergrad Goes Nano and Makes the Cut
September 15, 2008

  Michael Clark, an aerospace engineering major at the Jacobs School, joined Calit2’s ...

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Intel Donates 200 Microprocessors to Promote Calit2's Visualization Research at UC San Diego
September 8, 2008

Intel Corp. is donating $128,000 worth of advanced microprocessors to Calit2 and Jacobs School profe...

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