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Press Clips

48 core neuromorphic AI chip uses resistive memory
eeNews | August 17, 2022

A team of researchers in the US and China has designed and built a neuromorphic AI chip using resistive RAM, also known as memristors. The 48 core Neu...

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?Unprecedented? artificial intelligence breakthrough could make complex machines a reality
The Sun | August 17, 2022

A CHIP designed to run calculations without cloud computing has the potential to rapidly advance the artificial intelligence revolution. The chip runs...

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Pig Collagen Helped Restore Eyesight in People who were Blind--Study
Inverse | August 12, 2022

Bioengineering Professor Brian Aguado provides expert comment on an implant resembling a human cornea made from collagen from pig?s skin....

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Surfer scientists can catch waves to collect ocean data with Smartfin
Nerdist | August 11, 2022

Surfers love spending time on the water. Ocean temperatures are changing. These are two inescapable truths that scientists connected into a citizen sc...

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How Rising U.S.-China Tensions May Hurt Efforts to Fight Climate Change
TIME | August 11, 2022

lack of dialogue between the world?s two largest emitters is worrying, and the politicization of the climate agenda is a dangerous new road. Quotes MA...

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?Smartfin? turns surf sessions into research data
FOX 5 News | August 4, 2022

Surfers who paddle out with a new ?Smartfin,? under development at UC San Diego this summer, can turn that day?s session into a research opportunity. ...

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With the help of a sticky, stretchy material, scientists design a continuous ultrasound system
STAT News | August 1, 2022

Scientists have designed wearable ultrasound probes that help provide continuous, hands-free monitoring of internal tissue and organs. Experts see thi...

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National Science Foundation Awards $20 Million To Universities For Advanced Data Science
Forbes | July 29, 2022

The National Science Foundation (NSF) has announced awards totaling $20 million that will fund two multi-university teams of scientists including a te...

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Inverse | July 28, 2022

Ultrasound has become a much relied-on diagnostic and treatment tool. However, conventional ultrasounds aren't portable, which can prevent them from b...

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Air Force Testing Autonomous Control on Transport Planes amid Pilot Shortage
Military.com | July 21, 2022

The U.S. Air Force is partnering with a Boston-based technology company to test using an autonomous co-pilot on its cargo transport planes, a step tow...

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Will robots replace doctors in surgery rooms?
The American Bazaar | July 19, 2022

Using Artificial Intelligence, some major companies led by Intuitive Surgical, which dominates the market for soft-tissue robotic-assisted devices to ...

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San Diego doctor, LIMBER Prosthetics bring artificial legs to Ukrainian amputees
KPBS | July 18, 2022

UC San Diego Dr. Manoj Monga joined hands with a San Diego startup, called LIMBER Prosthetics and Orthotics that creates artificial legs with a 3D pri...

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