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Press Clips

San Diego doctor, LIMBER Prosthetics bring artificial legs to Ukrainian amputees
KPBS News | July 18, 2022

When UC San Diego urologist Manoj Monga heard about the outbreak of war in Ukraine, he bought a plane ticket, knowing only that he wanted to go there ...

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A Lithium Battery That Goes to Extremes
IEEE Spectrum | July 7, 2022

A new lithium-ion battery works at frigid temperatures of -40 °C all the way to scorching high of 50 °C. With a cathode made of sulfur, the new lith...

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You can now power electronics...with your finger
Mashable | July 6, 2022

Charging electronics...with your finger? UC San Diego engineers created a wearable device that generates electricity when your finger either sweats or...

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New Super Battery for Electric Vehicles Can Withstand Extreme Temperatures
Newsweek | July 4, 2022

A new type of battery for electric vehicles can survive longer in extreme hot and cold temperatures, according to a new study. Scientists say the batt...

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National Science Foundation director visits San Diego to talk NSF mission, investments
KPBS | July 1, 2022

The director of the National Science Foundation, Sethuraman Panchanathan, paid a visit to San Diego this week to dedicate an upgraded earthquake shake...

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Graphene device monitors blood pressure continuously
C&EN | June 24, 2022

A new blood pressure monitoring device made from graphene could help people keep better track of their cardiovascular health. The array of stick-on gr...

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Science behind Netflix's algorithm could help doctors cure cancer
KNX News | June 20, 2022

When you watch a movie or television show on Netflix, you will receive a bevy of suggestions from the streaming platform of programs you might enjoy b...

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Cancer specialists turning to same artificial intelligence programs used by Netflix
Study Finds | June 17, 2022

The same algorithms that figure out your viewing habits on Netflix could soon create a treatment plan for cancer. Scientists have created a machine le...

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AI algorithm finding similar...cancer recommendations?
Cosmos | June 17, 2022

An international team of researchers have used AI to map signals across the entire genome that herald the beginnings of cancer. The researchers, who s...

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Netflix algorithm could help doctors treat cancer: research
New York Post | June 16, 2022

Just like a list of personalized TV shows and movies recommendations, the future of cancer treatment could be customized. Researchers have created a n...

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Netflix-style algorithm could help guide cancer treatments, study suggests
Yahoo! news | June 15, 2022

The science behind Netflix viewing habits could soon be used to guide doctors in managing cancer, scientists suggest. "Just as Netflix can predic...

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How science behind your Netflix algorithm could help doctors treat your CANCER
Daily Mail | June 15, 2022

Cancer treatment in the future could revolve around a Netflix-style algorithm, say scientists. In order to make personalised film and TV series recomm...

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